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so the title of the post pretty much speaks for itself. i'm a 40 year old woman who is terrified of doctors. so much so that i haven't se...
I have anxiety still. I get upset easily and I feel Alone sometimes. I'm always over analyzing the way I look, I don't like the way I lo...
So, I now this may sound weird but I have this very strange habit of chomping down on my teeth all the time. What I mean is that I bi...
Hi, 59 year old husband and father to two grown boys. Had a pretty comfortable life and was self-employed. Without a lot of details I sta...
I'm getting these floater-type things, but which don't seem to be floaters since they fade away after only 1 second, 2 seconds tops. Both...
I am not sure where this idea came from, and why it consumes me so much and others fail to obsess over it like I do but I am terrified of...
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