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I was crippled by sevoherric dermatitis for more than 10 years and I started washing my face and then cleaning it with ethyl alcohol followed by Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother and letting it dry and covering my face with aloe vera. The results were imressive and fast. It was painful to the open wounds but it work like a miracle. For the first time in my life I had a clean beautiful complexion. My face was free of the corticoids addiction. Now I started to mix ACV with the mother with V8 and orange juice. A tablespoon for each cup of juice. I drink this before each meal and it curbs my appetite like nothing else. I will post results when I notice any weightloss. I don't diet or weight. And I am not impatient I will wait whatever it takes to know if it worked to lose weight. Meanwhile almost immediately I notice a beautiful skin complexion all over my body and no more sevoherric in my head.
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does apple cider vinegar really work to lose work.
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hi, i want to los weghit soon as soon but easy way please advice me
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