April 2011 babies Group

This is the place to ask questions, post information, and share stories and support with other women due in April 2011. Congrats on your pregnancy
Hi ladies, I'm 40 weeks today! I'm so ready to have our little girl, I have been having contractions 10 min apart for a week!! Today I ...
I am 38 weeks today and could possibly have this baby in the next 3 weeks! I hope she comes sooner than later because I feel terrible! ...
Hi Everyone, Well things have been going pretty good..I feel huge, and up until my last appt I thought maybe I was just over exaggeratin...
I thought it might be fun to have a running tally. I will put them in order. Let me know if anything changes or feel free to add anyone w...
Getting close! how is everyone feeling? I'm new to this sight
Hey Ladies, Just wondering if y'all are still out there. Happy updates!! Only four months left to go for us all. Hope everyone has had a ...
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