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This is the place to ask questions, post information, and share stories and support with other women due in April 2011. Congrats on your pregnancy
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Hi - I am due April 30. Very excited but cautious (one missed miscarriage before). I do have a 17 month old little girl and my symptoms...
I am reading about a lot of you having cravings. I am just over 7 weeks, and for the past 10-12 days, all food makes me want to hurl. E...
Was an inexplicable feeling when we saw our little miracle!!!! It was perfect, messured 8w4d and also we saw the HB.... I really feel tha...
If so what is your progesterone level? I had mine drawn at 17dpo (found out I was pregnant on 14dpo) and it was 19.9 and my nurse said th...
Just wanted to say to everyone! I was really sick and the last few days its gone away, which I am thankful for but at the same time it ...
Hi ladies!!! I just call my doctor to find out what was the blood work results. Was take at 4w4d and was 1012. I want to know if those nu...
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