Arachnoiditis Sufferers Group

Arachnoiditis is a rare chronic neuropathic disease that has no cure. If you are looking for others who have this disease, you have found the right place. Take a moment to tell your story. Together we can help each other in our journey with Arachnoiditis.
Welcome to the Arachnoiditis Sufferers group. What is your story? How were you diagnosed? Have you even found one doctor who understands ...
Anyone else have a buzzing feeling? I really mean buzzing, not tingling... it almost feels as if electricity is in my body. I really thou...
Has anybody else besides myself been the unfortunate soul to have gotten arachnoiditis strictly from ESI injections, as I have never had ...
I was happy to have found a group of people with arachnoiditis but it appears that no one has been to this site for over a year. I was d...
I have suffered with this since 2000. Has anyone had good success with these?
Have any of you fellow sufferers of this crazy disease had, or had a dr. recommend a stimulator implant for arachnoiditis? My dr. has n...
Does anyone know of any GOOD and COMPETENT Specialist's somewhere in the western USA States? I've had this disease since 1996 and it has...
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