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Hi. I am 45 years old. My doc recently told me I have bursitis in my hips. I also have a compressed disc between L4/L5. I have been g...
Ok, so im 19 and I did a pretty serious injury to the little finger on my right hand 16 months ago. Since then the pain hasnt really eve...
I was riding my bicycle to school at age 14 when i was hit by a car. I fell off my bike and onto the street . Landed on my right side/bac...
I have been suffering from severe head pain which pounds when bending or turning over in bed, and have been told it is from the arthritis...
Hi, I am 21 years old and experiencing growing pains at least three times a week. Is this normal at my age?
53 years old. Had two angioplastsy procedures over the last three weeks. Result - 6 drug-eluting stents, 4 in the LAD, 1 in the RCA and...
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