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Arthritis Community

Hello, My Dad injects Metoject once a week for his RA. He then takes 1mg of folic acid daily for 5 days (5mg per week) on the days wh...
I'm convinced that the twice a day two scoops (55grms) of protein powder taxed my body and most likely pushed my uric acid levels off th...
Hello. I am 44 years old male. I have tenderness in left side of head, tinnitus and also some pressure on my left eye. No other symptoms....
one year of Enbrel injections. Although the Enbrel may have lessened the pain and progression. other side effects and basically an unwell...
I have trigger finger in both of my middle fingers. The one on my right hand is much worse than on my left. I cannot make a fist with it ...
I am wondering, if bursitis is inflammation, does applying cold to the area work better than applying heat to the area
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