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Hi I'm currently backpacking around the world, and almost 2 months ago I went to Indonesia, where I got badly bitten by sand flies. Sinc...
I have acquired a pain in my right forearm that feels like a muscle cramp. But not quite painful, it feels as if I just had done workin...
I have ingrowing Hair on My prívate it hurts. What do i do to get rid of it
I'm 25 and I have been bleeding for over 8 weeks. I came off my depo 3 months ago and have had heavey flow and light flow. now its really...
Im 16 of Years , On April 12 , 2014 I Had Unprotected Intercourse With My Boyfriend On , April 13 , Like Every Month My Menstraul Cycle...
Hi, My name is Mike. I'm 43, and I'm having issues with a feeling like I'm drunk and I haven't touched alcohol since 2004. It started on ...
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