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Questions in the Ask a Pharmacist Forum are being answered by pharmacists. Topics include: General information on prescription medication, over-the-counter medications, brand drugs, generic equivalents, common uses, drug therapy, drug interactions, possible side effects, travel medications, pill identification and proper disposal of expired, damaged and unusable medications.
I started taking Xanax the day before yesterday. I am only taking half a pill at a time (they are .25 mg). The day before yesterday I too...
Hello, thank you for reading my question, Im 23 and I take Riluzole for treatment-resistant OCD. Riluzole is the only thing I take. Im h...
Hey.. I'm a 21 years old female.. at pharmacy school We're having midterms all over the next week.. and it's a huge problem to study a...
I am currently taking Opana ER 30mg /2 TID for long term spinal pain due to breaks and fusions. I am going to try replacing that for a s...
Do doctors stop Wellbutrin due to joint pain? I have been on this medication for 5 days & started to have joint pain and tremors today. W...
I'm planning to become pregnant soon. I have successfully gotten off the Escatolopram and am down to .5 of the Klonopin a day. I have got...
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