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My 14-year old daughter has Aspergers and she talks incessantly, interrupts conversations, stims at times, and generally wants to run eve...
hi i am a 19 year old with aspergers i have never felt this way since this year i really just thinking people are trying to avoid me i do...
Hi, I have a 2.4 year old son. He has been flapping his hands when he is excited since he was about 20 months of age. He flaps from...
Hi, I was told that I had mild Aspergers syndrome when I was 7 years old, and I does explain a few of my personality traits. However I ha...
My son is 14 and we recently found out he has aspergers, he is seeing a counselor at this point. He gets a lot of anxiety over a lot of t...
Has anyone ever noticed any help with autism specifically Asperger's symptoms by using Aderral? (Sp) I know it sounds odd. Not labeled fo...
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