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This is a patient forum for Asperger's Syndrome. Discussions include symptoms, diagnosis and therapies, and support.
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Hi.. I've a 3 year old boy who is quite clever.. He started talking and walking early and met all his milestones ok.. he's always been ve...
Has anyone tried medicinal marijuana instead of Latuda for anxiety in someone with aspergers?? My 20 year old son takes 40mg daily for hi...
My son, who will turn 14 this July was diagnosed with Autism when he was 3 with a hard clinical diagnosis at age 6. However now at this a...
Hello This is my first post and i hope to get some advice. I met areally nice guy with asperger, almost a year ago. Very soon he told ...
I recently visited a friend that has an autistic 6 year old, she is also a nurse. She told me that some of the problems my 9 year old dau...
I have a brother, who is 52 years old. He was never diagnosed when he was tested because at that point, aspergers had not made it to the ...
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