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Hi , I would like to know , how to identify the difference between Classic autism and high functioning autism.Could someone give some cle...
My 4 1/2 yr old son runs back and forth a few times a day. His was evaluated and the psychologist told me that he just has a speech dela...
I am a desperate mom of a 2 year old boy who doesn't talk. A child who isn't good at understanding instructions, and have many issues. He...
Hi everyone, I’ve been really concerned about my 13 month old boy who is very social, seems to have no sensory issues, but looks at my mo...
dear mis/sir my son is 13 years old & hypothyroidism, i found your site in a google search engine. my son had autism when he was 4 y...
My son is 6 years old. He has autism and is non-verbal. He has started pinching and hitting which is either after he says "ow" or befor...
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