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Huge welts over entire body and itching palms and soles. Steroids calmed. Doctor said “urticaria”. Now WBC 15,000 and metal smell. Can’...
I am in the midst of finalizing a diagnosis of Lupus. I often feel like I have a hair on or bugs crawling on my arms and head and now fe...
I have been dealing with Lhermittes sign for over 2 months now. One day it started with burning and tingling in my feet and legs. Then i ...
My ANA has always been positive/speckled for 20 years. Now it is Negative! How can that be? I have been on Synthroid for 46 years for Ha...
Hi! I need some guidance. I have always been a 'sickly' person. I have not been diagnosed with anything in particular. I do have some iss...
hey everyone, i was wondering if someone can please let me know what my blood test results means. I just got blood taken last wed. and al...
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