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Autoimmune Thyroid Disorders Suck! Group

Let's face it; living with thyroid disorders (autoimmune or not) can completely suck! And nobody knows this or truly understands it unless they go through it. This group was created for those who experience the numerous trying symptoms that the thyroid/immune system can throw at us, so we can empathize with one another, and/or share a few tips and tricks to cope.
Has anyone who has be diagnosed with autoimmune thyroid disease also been diagnosed with benign myokymia, vitamin d deficiency or irritab...
I am curious if anyone else here is suffering from the above?? Thanks... Cara
I've had hashimoto's hypothyroiditis for about 5 years. I'm taking synthroid and as a result my TSH has been about 1 (in the normal range...
Is there anything I can say to my doctor to make him take me seriously??? After I had my daughter 16 years ago I was feeling soooo tired,...
Hello. I have had increasing hypothyroid symptoms for almost a year now and am at a loss as to what to do because I feel like I am being...
I have been in horrible shape the past four months. I was taking my synthroid when i wanted because i told my doctor it was making my hea...
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