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I have been diagnosed with POTS 2 years now. Recently had a vaccine for Measles Mumps and Rubella in hopes of going to college part time...
About me: 30 y/o Female, 5”0 205 pounds (well aware that I am overweight). I have had these symptoms/episodes since I was 14 years old th...
Recently (past month or two months) I've been getting lightheaded/dizzy and my heart has been pounding when I stand up, particularly from...
hi all- I was diagnosed with neurocardiogenic syncope when i was 9/10, and then with pots when I was 18, and now a few years later I hav...
4 years ago I had an onset that started with an ocular migraine. From then on anything stressful triggers a migraine. Over the years it h...
I got high pmv on my blood cbc. What does that mean?
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