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The Baby Products community is for discussions around various baby products offering suggestions, help and the best places to buy. This includes strollers, car seats, high chairs, toys, bottles, diapers,etc. Please note, links will be allowed in this community to discuss sales, but spamming and affiliate programs will not be tolerated
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I want to cloth diaper baby once she/he grows out of newborn, only part time while we are home. Cloth diapers cost money, inserts cost mo...
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I am wondering if anyone has ever used the RayBaby baby monitor ( and if they have any thoughts about it?
I'm currently pregnant with baby #2 and plan to breastfeed. I briefly breastfed with the first but neither of us could quite get the hang...
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Has anyone looked into getting the Snoo sleeper by Happiest Baby?
Any suggestions for a diaper bag that will work for a toddler and infant that isn't too expensive?
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Hi girls! So i have a question what bottle would you recomend that is best to transition baby from breast to bottle?? The thing is my lo ...
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So I know you can get a breast milk pump through your insurance or something alogn those lines...but I know there is a limit between the ...
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I wanted to start putting cans away early to kinda stock up a Lil.. But was curious does it expire ?
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So my bf really wants to get a warmer for the baby wipes,is this a need. This is out first child so we are both new at this stuff. Thank ...
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Hello, I'm 17 weeks and have already started to buy things for my baby.This is my first chiild and I wanted to know what's the best brea...
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Happy anniversary to lyshabob- your Community Leader! Please take a moment to reach out to lyshabob, and give a shout out for how much y...
Hi Does Any of you Moms Coupon ?, I'm trying to learn for like diapers , wipes and their detergent first time mommy pls help
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I'm a first time mom and I'm in my second trimester and I'm freaking out about how am I supposed to know what to buy?! What brand wipes, ...
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Please suggest some best baby bottles for feeding
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Hi everyone. I'm expecting my twin boys and looking for a great stroller with reasonable price. I am recommended to buy a side by side on...
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I get a breast pump through my insurance but someone told me I have to know what kind I want. I am going to be a first time mom and I am ...
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Has anyone tried the freeme breast pump , i love the idea of hands free just wondering if it works good
So I've read mixed reviews of the Babocush baby soothing pillow that attaches to your baby vibrator. Mostly due to parents misusing the p...
I recently bought a baby trend double stroller for my kids who are 18 months apart. My son will be here in 8 weeks or less and tonight I ...
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My baby was born at 4.1 pounds. Everything’s fine, the weight is not the problem. Well, it's not by itself, but she's healthy otherwise a...
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