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The Baby Products community is for discussions around various baby products offering suggestions, help and the best places to buy. This includes strollers, car seats, high chairs, toys, bottles, diapers,etc. Please note, links will be allowed in this community to discuss sales, but spamming and affiliate programs will not be tolerated
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Hey ladies!! Ftm here and I'm freaking out! Every time I go clothes shopping for my little one I never know what size to get or how many...
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What is the best double stroller?? Preferably not the side by side as I'm sure it's hard to get through some doorways. I'm due 8/22 and b...
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Hi ladies , so I bought a double stroller for my baby and my toddler and I need to still buy a car seat but I'm not sure how this works. ...
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Hey ladies, I'm currently starting to look into researching strollers and Car seats. This will be my first so I don't think I want to pur...
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Before I spend the extra cash I wanted to see if any moms out there have the 4moms mamaroo swing . I have tried many brands of swings but...
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Does anyone know a website we're they send free samples of baby stuff thru the mail and stufff
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Has anyone on here had experience with real or reusable nappies? Any tips as seriously considering this option. Many thanks
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Toys r us are haveing a sale on baby stuff. I noticed it in store but I had to order bottols online because they wasn't in stock in stor...
Hello, I‘m new in this forum. My name is Amanda and I‘m a mother of twin boys, Ron and Chris. They are only one month old but I can tell ...
Hi ladies , Does Anyone Know of any websites to get affordable baby/infant clothes from ? Or any type of baby supplies such as Bath produ...
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Any suggestions for plus size maternity bras? I'm only 8 weeks but already need something bigger and more comfortable.
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Im due 3rd july with my first baby which is winter season so i need advice on winter baby products
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Dear moms Im a first time mom and i have been facing severe issues with baby latch. My baby is two months plus and since day one breas...
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So which baby soaps would yall day are good besides j&j ive heard so much bad things about them. What about aveeno and shea moisture or e...
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I'm getting antsy about finding a nursing chair, I'm hoping to make do with something cheap and small that will be comfortable enough to ...
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Hey Ladies , Im 28 weeks Today W/ 84 days to go Till My Baby Boy Arrives!!!
Trying to decide between enfamil and similac. With my first child I breastfed and supplemented with enfamil and had alot of issues with t...
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Having a tough time finding//deciding the following and would be grateful for anyone's input.... haven't had a baby in well over a decad...
My son is 1month old and I think he is having too much formula. He is having/wanting 130ml every 2-3hrs and sometimes wants more. He has ...
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What is the best diaper rash cream and about how long does it take to heal if using it???
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