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- l have been diagnosed with extensive gear changes throughout the lumbar spine with disc space narrowing and facet joint changes. there ...
Hello, a friend of mine has multiple trouble points with their lower spine. They tried some denervation and a spinal channel surgery but ...
MRI CERVICAL SPINE W WO CONTRAST, MRI THORACIC SPINE W WO CONTRAST 11/6/2023 7:45 AM IMPRESSION: 1. Postoperative changes within th...
Dear members/team, I was playing with my partner and by mistake she pushed/punched me right in the middle of my back on th spine ( wasn'...
Hi everyone, I am in desperate need of advice which I seem to be unable to get from any doctor near where I live (Thailand). I recentl...
Hi all. So i herniated my L4-L5 lumbar disc (and minor abnormalities from L2 to L4) from doing too much weight on an inclined leg pres...
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