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Has anyone ever experience cold feet due to the S1 and S5 nerve being compressed from a herneated disc? I had a discectomy done last mont...
l have been diagnosed with extensive gear changes throughout the lumbar spine with disc space narrowing and facet joint changes. there is...
I have a pinched nerve in my lower back, between L4-L5. I have been experiencing episodes of being lightheaded very often. I have also ...
Ask me anything (AMA) or tell me what you think it is? Beyond frustrated trying to deal with the chronic pain. Thanks! Summary: 36yo m...
I'm a quadriplegic with myelomalacia, post traumatic syrinx, tethered spinal cord, multiple bulging disc C3-T1, 2017 C2 C3 fusion, 2020 s...
I am a 21 year old female with generally good health. Three days ago, I began getting these twitches and tremors in my mid/lower back on ...
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