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Hi, I broke c2 c3 c4 and c5 in my neck and T6 thoratic spine last august, I believe the surgery on my neck was fusion as they took a graf...
Hi all. I just joined this group and hope to find some ASICS as I’m looking at surgical options for my difficult situation. I’m 52 with d...
I have had this neck pain for about three days and I’ve tried everything. i’ve been having pain where I can’t move my neck or my left sid...
Hello, everyone! About 6 months ago I began to be awoken by lower back pains at 5:30am. After a while the pain subsided(not 100% gone...
Hey... Last year I had an injury at work & now have a torn L5-S1 disc and problems with surrounding facets. they cannot get on top of ...
I have been having upper back, neck and shoulder pain for about 3 months now. I have been seeing a chiropractor now for about 2 months t...
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