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I have a spinal cord injury on the right side of my neck, and as a result, my left arm and leg have become somewhat paralyzed. Walking no...
I was in an auto accident and was left with two lower back herniated discs. Specifically, L4-5 left paracentral and left neural foranimal...
Hello. My name is Kate. I am 26 years old with a recent history of Ovarian Cancer, Stage IIC. I just finished up chemo in April. Abou...
Please explane what this means. I am still in a lot of pain. I seemed to recover nicely until mid april and the pain came back as it wa...
L4/5-there is desiccation of the disk and some minimal loss of disk height. There is mild broad-based disk bulging and mild bilateral rec...
Hi, am having third surgery (discectomy) on my Lumber L4 L5. I have numbness in my right foot and leg up to calf. The neurosurgeon has...
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