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Welcome to the Back and Neck Surgery Forum! This forum is for questions and support regarding back and neck such as: Herniated disc, Pinched nerve, Sciatica, Degenerative spine disease, Spinal stenosis, Spine trauma and fractures, Spine tumors and Spine treatment options.
An MRI of my neck showed "C3-C4-a sizeable disc extrusion situated in the canal on the right extending to involve the neuroforamen.There ...
hi i had a cat scan as i have been having upper left shoulder pain and neck pain. also herniated disc at l4 l5 the cat scan was at the t...
Hi Dr, My original question to you was posted at http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Back-and-Neck-Surgery/Cervical-Spondylosis-or-Periphera...
I have pain constantly and I rarely leave the house. Yet I am often looked at as a suspiscious patient trying to rip off the system. I ...
I've been having a very sharp/burning pain in my cervical spine and muscle "ripping" pain in my scapula. I've been going to PT for 6 week...
I injured my upper back about 1 year ago moving a 250+lb box. Formal diagnosis was thoracic strain, herniated disc at c5/c6 with bulging...
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