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Welcome to the Back and Neck Surgery Forum! This forum is for questions and support regarding back and neck such as: Herniated disc, Pinched nerve, Sciatica, Degenerative spine disease, Spinal stenosis, Spine trauma and fractures, Spine tumors and Spine treatment options.
I was injured in a rollover car accident. I ruptured two discs in my low back causing nerve problems. My neurosurgeon decided that a doub...
by Patrick1444, Apr 15, 2010 I had surgery on my neck Feb, 2010. The doctor used plates to correct the problem in my neck. I tried ...
Hello,I am36yo male.Idont know where to start but Iam curently STILL inpain after1yr old car accident. RECENT MRI: ->FINDINGS: IMPRE...
Hi Dr, I have been experiencing numbness of the last two fingers in both hands on/off for a few years. In recent months, the condition...
I have degenerative neck had C3-C6 connected with 2 rods posterior. almost been a year (april) the slightest tap on the back of my nec...
My 40 yr old daughter has had chronic neck pain the last 3-1/2 yrs with pain 24/7. Most medications no longer help and she has been deto...
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