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This patient support community is for discussions relating to bariatric surgery for weight loss (including gastric bypass surgery, lap band surgery, etc) complications, finding a surgeon, whether it is right for you, nutrition, recovery, risk, and pre- and post-op issues.
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I keep reading about complications regardiong the fills , post op, getting back to eating foods. Is it really that terrible? Would you ...
I had the rouy n y (i know that's not how you spell it) I had it done 2011 I was 240 the day of surgery and I'm down to about 130ish! ...
What are the complications for having lap band removed? How long is this surgery? I have had the lap band for 2 years and have gained 2...
Hi there, I’m new to the forum, and hope someone can give me some information about gastric bypass surgery and hyperthyroidism. I’m hyp...
Hi, I am a 52 year old woman who was always suspected of hypothroidism. I have always had a weight problem but, because I always ate heal...
I was banded in 2010 and my band is removed in Nov 2016. Main reason being that I had the burp a lot. Not only after I eat something but ...
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