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Bariatric / Weight Loss Surgery Forum

This forum is for questions and discussions relating to: Choosing a Bariatric Surgeon, Complications, Considerations, Cosmetic Surgery, Diet and Eating, Emotional Issues, Gastric Bypass Surgery, Health Insurance Issues, Lap Band Surgery, Nutritional Issues, Pre Surgery Issues, Post Surgery Issues, Questions to Ask Your Surgeon, Roux Y Gastric Bypass, StomaphyX, Success Stories, and Transoral ROSE.
I had the Lap Band surgery in 2003. Lost the total of 90 lbs. Then in 2007 I became pregnant and regained all of my weight back during my...
10 year post distal gastric bypass (open) patient. Developed fissure and finally an anal fistula. Treatment? Additionally!!!! Vit D de...
Hi, I am in the process of getting gastric bypass surgery done. I am really scared especially when I hear those horror stories about alm...
Had roux en y 4 years ago..since that time my white blood cell count has been pretty low...hematologist checked me out a year or so an...
Does anyone have any recommendations on a multivitamin? I have been taking a liquid multivitamin called Live The Source, does anyone else...
my husband needs this surgery to live he is 480 and we have no insurence bad credit and he needs it before i loose him he is 44. Is there...
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