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As compared to other traditional methods for fat transfer, Autologous Fat Transfer for breast enhancement is safe, simple, and less stres...
Each pore on my forehead is a tiny, tiny bump. Also have flesh colored bumps on sides of cheek that I would describe as alligator skin. A...
I suppose 22 isn't too old to be complaining about acne; but, I feel rather embarrassed to be at this age that I should be blossoming int...
I know hat estrogen supplements have the possibility to cause breast cancer, but do these too? I also read that some of the ingredients i...
i want to ask what age is suitable for start using anti-wrinkle creams??and what vitamins or minerals are necessary for skin can anyone r...
I’ve just noticed that my middle finger nail curves to the left a little bit and I’m wondering if that’s natural for it to that. None of ...
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