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About 5 weeks ago I received a steroid injection for inflammation in my chin after a car accident, 2 weeks ago the bump I had started to ...
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Very tiny spot then it is changed into black color.. first i observed only one spot that is under the skin now i saw a second spot same a...
What is the best way to whiten your teeth?
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I'm only 16 and have really distinguished lines under my eyes that run deep. It's embarrassing and makes me look so old. I get sleep and ...
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About 2 and a half months ago I cut the middle joint in my index finger open while cooking with a small, clean knife. I cut it on the up...
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My mole is flat by the way!
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I am 25 year old and I 've been suffering from dandruff and hair fall. I use nizoral shampoo twice a week , but it's thinning out my hair...
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tell us how do you shampoo your hair?
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Is hydrogen peroxide safe for the skin to use for a long period of time? I want to bleach my eyebrows, as I changed my hair color to red ...
Unsightly varicose veins on calf-look worse after I run..
Hi I am 30 years old and every time when I am taking shower my hair are just falling apart. Any suggestions please? I have tried so many ...
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I'm a female and i think my face wash caused a dark line under my bottom lip well my upper chin. How can i get rid of it. And no its not ...
before 1 year I used cortisone for two months i got chubby face , without any increase in my body weight now after 14 months Still my f...
Hello doctor plz help me my husband is fighting with me dailly because of my black nipples and vagina plz suggest me some good cream or l...
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Of the several beauty products that I have tried lately, the facial toner from Sakare was by far the best that I could lay my hand at T...
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I am 63. My skin is sagging a little along the jawline but otherwise in good shape: smooth and no wrinkles. The other morning I woke u...
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Hi everyone :) My mum has been suffering from pretty severe hair loss. She noticed it over the last 2 weeks or so, and then went to a ...
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Ok son my hair is naturally a really dark brown and I wanted to go blonde so I bought a blonde box dye and it came out brown. So 2 days l...
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How do I get rid of them?
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Whenever I do a full face of makeup, under my eyes looks just like the normal color, dark and purple, with powder over it. Even though I ...
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