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So i just turned 14 this April, And i was looking at my skin after my birthday. I realized how drastically it changed. When i was around ...
I just turned 14 this April, and my skin feels chalky. , my skin came back when I used black soap. But then it felt dry. like I had to al...
I usually exfoliate using a lip scrub, two nights ago I decided to use a toothbrush along with the brush. The next morning, my lips felt ...
What is the best facial moisturizer? I use Mary Kay Timewise, but it's so expensive...
Does botox really work for Hyperhidrosis? I was planning to do it at a dermatology clinic in Richmond Hills. But before that, I wanted to...
I have a small mole on my leg. I have been tanning and it’s been fine until I recently tried to pop it. It was raised and I applied cream...
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