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I have been having oilly,pimples and spot on my face,am light in complexion,plsssssssssssssss what can I use to smoothing my face
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So yesterday I've tried some matte lip product testers at the department store, then removed them with wet wipes. no reactions happened a...
After I have my face waxed (forehead, eyebrows, upperlip and sideburns), almost immediatly, my face turns red and welts appear. It looks...
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OK so I am having this problem with facial hair. If I didn't shave it I would have a full man beard. So I shave it everyday and try to hi...
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hey guys i need help i have this filthy body odor for almost 3years now and it's ruining my social life.Sometimes like smell so cheesy th...
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I am at a loss at what to do about my nose! I have a few times now developed a kind of rash in the creases of my nose. Usually underneat...
I have ben using (ciclopirox topical solution,8% ) for the last 2 months, its not working my nails are getting worse,what should I do
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I have huge pitts on face, it is looking like moon. It's looking worse then chicken pox scars. Does any have similar problem? What kind...
Can you share your anti-aging regimen like cream, facial wash, soap, supplements, diet, etc. Would appreciate any info. Thanks!
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Back in March I fell and hit my chin on a hard wood floor. It left a big bump on the bottom of my chin. It's now the end of July and th...
What is good to get ridd of acne 21..can any can b frm natural to anything that wrks in,the market.. Thank u :-)
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hi, everyone my face is damaged by laser treatment. After lasers: my face is filled with lines, wrinkles, pores, tears & fissures. can an...
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I seem to be peeing a lot mainly through out the night. Sometimes i just lay there and i get the erg to go to the toilet like i am bustin...
I have had my tongue pierced for a week and it's still swollen and I have pain shooting down my tongue. My friend has her's done and she ...
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I heard that some women use Preparation H for treating wrinkles around mouth eyes??
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I have recently noticed in the last few months squiggly lines under my skin especially the eyes, nose, and cheeks area, and a little bit ...
I am 15 n my facial hairs are growing at very high rate ...I can't go for facial wax ...can these hairs be removed by a home reamidity.....
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last night I waxed my upper lips and first it got red and It was hurting there then I slept after just washing my face and when I got up ...
The only place I have black heads in on my nose, does anyone have any special things they do or use to get ride or theirs? Like I don't e...
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what crem use for hard&oil face ... plz give me some name of...?
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