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Hey... I just want to know about these things.. tell me the best .. please help... Best facial kit Face cream Mosturizer Best hair ...
I'm not allergic to anything but my skin has clearly been irritated by waxing my upper lip and I'm not very sure what to do about it sinc...
I have light complexion, but really dark inner thighs and private parts. The difference is almost too much from my regular skin tone. The...
I have oily skin and my age is 21. My nose is cover with whitehead and blackheads please tell me what should I do ,which cream I should u...
Is it safe to use adapalene on birthmarks? I have two birthmarks on my face, so reading about and experiencing the retinoid strength ...
Well I was GOING to post pictures, but now I realize that's not possible. I wish I could because I need to show someone how this terrible...
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