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I just want to get in touch with somebody who knows what I am going through. I have had mixed mania now for more than a week - anxiety to...
I sure see a lot of teens diagnosed with bipolar. I think there is so much overlap within mental health diagnosis that it can get confusi...
i was diagnosed with bipolar disorder year a ago. doctor said it was cannabis cannabis-induced one. my medication went for a year and i ...
Hi my names ivy and i am 15 my mom struggles with bipolar disorder and is a narcissist and would get me to go to phyciatrist or therapist...
I seen something the other day im pretty sure it was feeling symptoms after drugs a year ago i took a edible to try it out.. well i had a...
This was a while ago but i got mad at someone and i had very violent intrusive thoughts and images playing in my mind and because i was a...
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