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Bipolar Disorder is also known as "Manic Depressive Disorder". This forum is for questions and support for people with, or for loved ones of people with Bipolar Disorder. The forum covers topics ranging from Aggressive Behavior, Affect on friends and Family, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Appetite Changes, Chronic Pain, Denial, Depression, Difficulty Concentrating, Euphoria, Guilt, Manic Depression, Medications, Mood Swings, Poor Judgment, and Sleep Disorders
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My mom screams all day until bedtime. Her sleep meds did work but now not so much. Help!
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I need help?
I have been off seroquel for 6 days and am on my 4th day of being sick. My body hurts so bad into my bones, have a constaint headache, c...
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I have been on Geodon since January 2, 2005 and have had a HORRIFIC experience! I gained 40 pounds in six months, need to wear glasses b...
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Need support
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Hi, I have read many post from people on Lamical. I have heard that the Lamical contains a anti-depressant and a mood stabilizer. I am ...
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i told my mom i think i have bipolar disorder i named a bunch of symptoms to her and she ignored me i would love to get help but i don't ...
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I have recently started taking Lamictal for bipolar, 25mg the first week and am now at 50mg until I see my pdoc next month. I have been ...
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Hi ,I'm new on this forum. I'm Italian,so, sorry for my poor english... I'm 22 and have been depressed for 10 years,with some interval ...
I have natural "permanent hypomania", some people can have it and it is classified as a form of bipolar type 2 offshoot. But it isn't in ...
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I went to another doctor who prescribed me 200mg of seroquel and 250mg of depakote. i m suppose to take 1 depakote during the day, and 1 ...
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I was taking Haldol for my bi-polar and it made me too sleepy. I also took Trilafon and it worked well,but there isn't any $4 plan for it...
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does anyone have or had any experience with religion while being bipolar
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I just started taking the Seroquel starter pack. FIrst 50 mg then 100mg. I wake up ny legs and feet hurt and are very stiff. My back, ...
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I feel tired of everything.My parents cant find a stability in their separation.I dont know what i feel about it.My long distant boyfrien...
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I have just been diognosed with bipolar and ive just started on epilim 200 in the morning and night. Ive really noticed the past few days...
I started 5 Mgs of zyprexa about 5 days ago for psychosis, mostly "ideas of reference" the zyprexa is now added to my seroquel since I w...
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So sometimes when people talk, the words will sound like total gibberish to me or it will sound like they were speaking in a well develop...
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Would adderal Extended release be a better option for me? I have bipolar disorder, my psychologist describes it as bi-polar hypomania. I...
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My brother was under deep depression 2 years back when we consulted psychiatrist and he started with antidepressant. later down the road ...
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