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Friendships is very hard to maintain for me im always in my daydreams and i tend to lie for no apparent reason and obsess over everyone a...
I have been hearing whispering sonce a week especially at night time when i am going to sleep or halfway sleep. Sometimes it wakes me up....
My son is bipolar and says he hears voices. I thought it was people who hear voices are schizophrenic. Could he be both?
Hi I am on several medications for Bipolar Disorder and every day I feel intense physical pain. Could it be my medications? I don't see ...
I have recently been diagnosed as BP II and am "trying" to get off of Cymbalta. I was taking 60Mg for about 9 months, so my doc put me...
Hello I’m M 18, I wish I had more information to give about my childhood and more. To reference if this happened then too or just now. ...
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