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I work at a vet clinic, I am a vet tech student, and today someone handed in a baby magpie. I am guessing it's a fledgling around 3 weeks...
Hi Everyone, My Cockatiel Sunny suddenly fell off his perch and then spread his wings and was making rapid little clucks like a seizur...
My 1yr old kakariki has recently been laying and is now unable to use her left leg. There appears to be swelling around the joint. No mov...
Petey, my 22 year and 5-month old cockatiel is dying. It started over two months ago when he go sick. He looked like the wild birds I'v...
Hi my ring neck parrot has caught his claw in curtains and there's a graze on his leg but he won't use his claw it hangs I put some anti...
My sweet pet and friend my zebra finch named Essix. She's dying, is there anything I can do? I'm taking anxiety attack after attack. My p...
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