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I think my budgie is sick, not because of behaviour but because the way he looks. He preens eats and chirps as usual. But he is really d...
Hello I am 42 old mother of 2 grown up kids aged 16 and 12 (boys) I am suffering from hypothyroidism {4.67╬╝IU/ml }. This year july i conc...
I found a newly hatched chick in the garbage & I literally hav only $12 to my name, but i dont want the actions of a jerk and my poor fin...
why is my 6 year old male pacific parrotlet pulling out his pretty green breast feathers?
So my little bird (mr peeps) hit a running fan and now, he won't use his right toes and barely uses his leg. I can see where the fan hit ...
My female lovebird, lives in an Avery with 3 other birds, one of which is her partner and have 4 babies about to leave the nest. i found ...
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