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my love bird layed 8 eggs but it is not sitting on it. please tell me what to do for it and tell me the period for a egg to fertile
today while i was in town, my 2 ringnecks got into big fight. one only toe injury, but the other is bad. cleaned her, gave sugar water. f...
Hello, we have had 2 masked lovebirds for about 15 months now. In September we bought them a nesting house, and on October 7 we found ...
There are a flock of crows that have starting to live close to us. They are unbelievably noisy especially early in the morning. Is there ...
Hi, I am Hudson and i am new to this forum!!! This discussion is related to Two of my cockatiels have recently died )o=.
My parakeet is about 8 or 9 years old. In the last six months, he has had what I guess are spasms. Usually, they occur at night. He ma...
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