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I have my hormonal IUD Kyleena since July 2020 and I didn't have my periods until January 2022. Also, I've never had any period symptom...
Can Ralovera be used as a contraceptive? I'm just curious
I am a 19 year old female who used the Nexplanon implant from October until March. I discontinued use because it caused mood issues, a 25...
If you take a plan b then bleed 3 days later , would ovulation occur after your bleeding ?
I have been on the mini-pill (Cerelle) for around 2 years. Prior to this I had an IUD (Mirena coil) for around 5 years, and took an oral ...
I liked the way an oral contraceptive made me feel, but sometimes the change felt too intense. I'm not sexually active, so not using the ...
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