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I liked the way an oral contraceptive made me feel, but sometimes the change felt too intense. I'm not sexually active, so not using the ...
hello! so i’ve just started my period and am going to start birth control for the first time, my pack has a red section and tells me to s...
I started a new birth control in December and I noticed that I am getting these red blotches and bumps on my neck and arms. Could this be...
i had unprotected sex a week before my period week and i took two postinor 2 tablets 10 hours after the sex. the next day i took one tab...
i started use Desogestrel in december at start when my period came was all fine period was gone after 4 days. january 4th started some li...
Took Nuvaring out 1/18, period started 1/20, inserted Nuvaring 2/3 days late i believe on Thursday 1/27. Had unprotected sex, husband eja...
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