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I use Loryna birth control pill and I accidentally took the Saturday pill for this week instead of the Friday pill I was actually suppose...
Had a copper iud put in 6 months ago. Everything was great besides just having a little bit heavier periods for the first 4 months. But ...
So I only wore the patch for the first 3 weeks (this is my first time ever using it). As you all know after that time you’re supposed to ...
So I started using the birth patch about 3 weeks ago now. I didn’t put the first one on after a week and a half of my previos period endi...
So I took Levora from the age of like 14 through 26 (I went off of it around age 23 and got pregnant shortly after so I didn't get back o...
if im on depo can i take clomid and it work?
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