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So I recently was intimate with a partner last night, and while things went great I did some research online and apparently the steam fro...
I've been on a low-dose birth control for almost four months. I understand that my body can still be adjusting to it, but it feels like i...
Hello- I had my tubes removed a year ago (total bilateral salpingectomy) and I am now 13 weeks pregnant. I’ve scoured medical journals lo...
Hello! I have been on sprintec for 2 years now and my periods have always started during the last week of pills- give or take 2 pills. I ...
I stopped taking BC pills about 3 months ago and have not stopped spotting/bleeding some days itll be heavier then others but majority of...
Hey ladies. This is my second pack of my new birth control, but during the first pack I had bleeding on the active pill… and NO bleeding ...
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