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My mirena started out fine the first two years... Then third year in I noticed a sudden decline. My periods became abnormal with constant...
I got diagnosed with Hashimotos disease (underactive thyroid) almost 2 months ago. I’m currently on Synthroid for treatment. I decided to...
I’m going on vacation next week and just got my bc pill. I haven’t taken one in 14 years. My period should also show up next week. Should...
Took plan b before the 24 hours window but unfortunately i was ovulating and on my most fertile day so im very worried if im pregnant or ...
Tubal Ligation Clip came off after 10 years. Yes, two years ago, one of my clips came off and lodged in my hip. has any one heared of th...
Hi! I’m 24, and weight 312lbs. Was 345 but I’ve been working on it and that’s where I’m at as of now. I’ve had had Nexplanon for 3yrs (we...
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