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I am a 26 year old female. I had a full work up done last year and the doctor noticed that my blood platelets were elevated at around 469...
Iron Saturation on Labs but Anemic?? 36 year old female, asthmatic, GAD and hypothyroid. Currently take Prozac, buspar, synthtoid and ...
i have a medical association ready to make a needle to change body temperature they agreed its needed by everyone How do i find invest...
If a blood transfusion just last 1 week so what's up that one!
Plt is 129 low ,Lmphs is 18.1 low , Eos is 7.7 high ,Eosinophil is 0.6 high what does this mean ?
I have add an aortic valve replacement almost 2 years ago I just got first reading of INR which was (1.36) and Prothrombin time (15.3) bo...
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