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WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY: This Patient-To-Patient Community is for discussions relating to Bleeding Disorders. There are many types of blood disorders, including: bleeding disorders, platelet disorders, hemophilia and anemia.
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So I’ve had a number of CBC’s in the past several months. Every time they have come back completely normal except occasionally mildly low...
Hi! I am twenty-one year old female. I have an iron deficiency anemia that has been ongoing and coming back every year for the last four ...
I have been on Amitriptylne for 18 mos. for migraines. On Losartan for 5 mos. for blood pressure. I have experienced hair loss for 3 ...
My son just had his lab results back and they numbers are rather odd to me. Netrohilis 13.4 Monocytes 1.3 White blood cell 20 Al...
Hi, I’m a 42 y.o female with Hypothyroidism. I’ve been having symptoms for a while now (fatigue for over a year and the rest, about 2-3 m...
Hello, Just received the results of my labs today and there were some abnormal values that I think are consistent with iron-deficiency...
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