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I have had my cbc done may times lately. I am running a low white count of 1.5-2.0 and a granulocytes of 0.4, 18.5%. Never get sick and s...
Husband has been having on going problem with low Sodium Levels ,Has been admitted to hospital for problem ,Fluid restriction of 30oz's d...
40 male in great health. Some questions. RBC was normal, Platelets Normal, Hemotacrit was normal, Hemoglobin was 18.4 on a range of 17.7....
Within the past few months I have started experiencing pain and discomfort in my wrists, hands, feet and toes. I have sores that started ...
I've been having some health issues for quite some time now. Fatigue, muscle pain, dizziness, nausea, palpitations are just a few of my s...
Are there any other reasons for these findings in blood work, other than leukemia? Are these results prone to lab mistakes? My son had so...
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