Borderline Personality Disorder Group

People with this disorder should all come together and try to help each other, i think that it is very important. We can talk about our coping skills or things we learned in DBT for those of us who can't go. Or something that really helps you cope, or how you deal with a situation and make it better, or how any of your symptoms have gotten better, the good and the bad. Lets just try to help eachother.<3
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This is my first time trying forums as a place to find some help. I am currently in treatment for BPD as well as the other common issues ...
MAIN PROBLEM: Men I don't know how to win a man's affection. I usually try to impress them with either my looks or sex appeal, which o...
Things have been rough for me the last couple of weeks. I done really good for a while now its back. I've been very frustrated. I feel ...
Am trying really hard to feel better but sometimes i just can't help but feel like my disorder has the best of me. I am so sensitive to ...
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