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Welcome to the Brain and Body Fitness Forum: Where Neuroscience Meets Physical Training. This forum is for questions, support and advice related to how the brain controls your body through motor and sensory networks. This forum will provide information related to motor function, sensory networks, balance, coordination and physical training.
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I work out at the gym and take it pretty serious, and wanted to know if these meds (Effexor 37mg and rivotril) can decrease muscle gain?
Hi please help.My friend who's just 29 had brain hemorrhage due to high B.P 2month ago,a week later he recovered but was having blurred v...
Why am I only gaining weight in my stomach? It's bulging & I'm starting to look pregnant & I'm 100% sure I'm not pregnant. I do drink a l...
hi :) i'm bill 19 years old and i've been cracking a lot of joints to make that crunchy sound for about 10 years, and i wanted to ask if ...
Hello what happened is i went out. I got knocked out lot two teeth and had bleeding on the brain. i had a scan i stayed in hospital, i he...
I'm a 31 year old, very active, male. I'm very conscience of what I eat, and consider myself very healthy. I snowboard religiously, cycle...
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