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My grandfather is 85 years old age, having pacemaker. He has Solid and Cystic mass & extensive edema seen in right cerebral found in his ...
PC: 24yr female, presents with a 2-3 month history of LOC with persistent headache, visual disturbance, intermittent vomiting, dizziness ...
My mother is 54 years old and she has been diagnosed with empty sella hypopituitarism. She is placed on levothyroxine and predisone medic...
Hi All, I was diagnosed with a Pituitary tumor (prolactin) last September. I seemed to be a medical mystery when i started lactating a...
I'm a 26 year old female. For the last few months (5-6) I've been getting migraines everyday. Normally I wouldnt be that freaked out exce...
Hello. I recently took some blood tests which show normal levels of IGF-1, Prolactin, Testosterone, Estradiol, but low levels of Luteiniz...
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