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Brain/Pituitary Tumors Community

I'm a 26 year old female. For the last few months (5-6) I've been getting migraines everyday. Normally I wouldnt be that freaked out exce...
Hello. I recently took some blood tests which show normal levels of IGF-1, Prolactin, Testosterone, Estradiol, but low levels of Luteiniz...
I have not had my brain scan yet, but I was diagnosed with Hemianopia, vision loss on the each side of my eyes. Feels like my blind spot ...
Hi all, I am a healthy 27yo male living in U.S. From 2 prolactin tastings, I have slightly elevated prolactin level: 16~17ng/mL. I hav...
For about a week now I've been seeing trails in my vision. I've suffered from anxiety and hypochondria for as long as I can remember....
My sister who is early 30s just found out she has a heavily calcified meningioma, We don’t know what it is, she had an mri for headach...
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