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This forum is for questions, discussions and support relating to brain tumors, pituitary tumors and skull base tumors. Topics include but are not limited to the following: Causes, Chemotherapy, Clinical Trials, Diagnosis, Genetic Factors, Quality of Life, Radiation Therapy, Research, Risk Factors, Surgery, Symptoms and Treatments.
My uncle last month started having seizures he is almost 60 he is on a normal day picture perfect health he he has a body hard as a rock ...
My son suffers from dizziness, hive like blotches, blurred or lessened vision in one eye, headaches and a general inability to function. ...
My father was a heavy drug user, everything from cocaine, heroine to marijuana. I get a lot of migraines and I went to see a neurologist ...
When I was only 13 I was diagnosed with kidney stones. My doctors thought this was a strange occurance but nothing was ever done and I ju...
I was diagnosed about 2 year ago with a pituitary macro adenoma that for all purposes left my libido shot to hell. I have been treating i...
Ive been doing a bit of reading here, and seems most people have had "A TUMOR" removed. My story: I have had extremely out of wack blood...
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