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Questions posted in the Breast Cancer Forum are answered by medical professionals and experts. Topics include Breast Biopsy, Chemotherapy, Hormone Therapy, Lumps, Lumpectomy, Lymph node dissection, Lymphedema, Mammograms, Mastectomy, Radiation Therapy, Reconstruction, Self Breast Exam, and Surgery.
For the past week I have noticed a burning sensation in my right breast. It starts directly under my armpit on the side of my breast. The...
I recently have been having some discharge from my nipples. Some times the discharge is white, and sometimes its a dark grayish color or ...
Back in august i started to have breast and underarm pain on the right side. The doctor that i had went to went through numerous treatmen...
I am 37 years old. My family has a history of Breast Cancer. I had my baseline mamogram at 35. Calcifications were found in my right br...
I found a lump in my breast over two years ago. Had a mammogram and ultrasound, but they were negative. It began bothering me again this ...
could you please explain what breast crystals are? dose it mean i have cancer?
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