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Breast Cancer Forum

Questions posted in the Breast Cancer Forum are answered by medical professionals and experts. Topics include Breast Biopsy, Chemotherapy, Hormone Therapy, Lumps, Lumpectomy, Lymph node dissection, Lymphedema, Mammograms, Mastectomy, Radiation Therapy, Reconstruction, Self Breast Exam, and Surgery.
I have been getting sharp pains under my breast. Mostly under my left side. Sometimes it feels like a shooting pain across them. I thi...
Hi, I am a 26 year old male with a breast lump in my left breast. I have had this condition since I was about 21 and it has not go...
hi, i would like to get some information if possible about what can be done about high ferritin levels due to multiple transfusions beca...
I am 45 yrs old and have severe fybrocyst deasease. My breast are 75% to 100% cysts. The pain has gotten unbareable.I have seen 3 differe...
i just turn 18 this year and i have a pea size lump under my left armpits.it has been there for a year already.but the lump does not hurt...
I'm 47 years old needing a breast biopsy. I had a routine mammogram that showed a spot (no lump is felt)and then I had a spot compression...
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