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I have a question, and it is a serious question, so please don't think I'm not serious? I am a 21 year old male. I'm obese and it has...
I just spent the last year in hell with surgery, chemo and radiation. Now I'm taking Anastrozole for the next 5 years and I hurt. Does an...
I have what appears to be fat necrosis but want to biopsy to put my mind at ease.. I am terrified.
stellate mass with ill defined borders lobulated in upper left outer quandrant in fatty replaced breast size 3.2x1.8x2cm in female 66 how...
Hi im man 25 years old I notice this week black nevus on my nipple Its circle and small and no hurt And it is on my nipple Should...
Hello, So about 9 months ago while doing my breast check i felt a lump in my axillary area it was moveable but no pain was there I quick...
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