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A recent mammogram (last one 13 months ago) showed "an asymmetry measuring 13 millimeters with potential associated architectural distort...
I felt a lump in my breast while checking in the shower. My dr sent me for a mammogram and ultrasound. Neither found anything. I can feel...
I had a biopsy done and a titanium marker inserted I want it removed did they insert a microchip in me. My test came out normal. I am a f...
Hi. I just read a post from someone from this forum from a 19 year old who was having secretions from the Montgomery glands and the repl...
RE: BLUE BREAST DISCHARGE: Hi! I am a 35 yr old female who has had a constant blue nipple discharge out of my LEFT breast ONLY. This h...
My sister-in-law had "signs of pulling" on her most recent mammogram. What does that mean?
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