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My doctor wants to stop my herceptin and perjeta treatment after only 17 cycles, even though I don’t show side effects. I got PCR but am ...
Can anyone share if they had architectural distortion one view on their screening mammogram and the outcome?
I am really anxious about the recall I received today for my recent mammogram. I'm 42 years old and this was my second mammogram. The fir...
I had a biopsy done and a titanium marker inserted I want it removed did they insert a microchip in me. My test came out normal. I am a f...
Hi, I had a biopsy on one breast a year ago and a single titanium marker was inserted, which was supposed to be removed when I had a l...
Had surgery 3 weeks ago, no cancer found in margins and first 2 lymph nodes and no cancer was found, they want me to have 5 treatments of...
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